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The Murder Mystery Company in Houston

The Murder Mystery Company in Houston

The Murder Mystery Company is Houston’s Expert in Mystery Entertainment. The Murder Mystery Company will make your next Houston event murderously fun. For any event of any size in the Houston area, we’ve got you covered. We can accommodate any size crowd at any venue! Put the perfect finishing touch on your party by planning with The Murder Mystery Company today.

Private Events

Don’t You Want To Throw the Event That EVERYONE Raves About?

It’s no mystery that the difficulties in planning a private event can make planning a murder seem easy. We understand, and we can help! When you book a show with The Murder Mystery Company, you can expect a stress free event from start to finish. Our professionally trained performers will greet your guests, keep them engaged and entertained, and leave you with no messy cleanup!

As the experts in mystery entertainment it is not just our job, but also our pleasure, to provide the Houston area with the best murder mystery party out there. Your event will be so outrageously fun that your guests will be asking when your next party is before they even leave!

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Public Shows

Haven’t you always wanted to do something like this?

Turn your next night off into a killer night out with The Murder Mystery Company in Houston! Spend your evening partaking in a murder mystery adventure right at your table. Enjoy a tasty three course dinner while you sleuth. This is sure to be a murderously fun night for everyone involved!

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The Best of the Best

The Murder Mystery Company loves dishing up a crime scene at private events all across Houston, and with over 300,000 guests having solved a mystery with us so far, we’d like to think we are pretty good at it! Grab your trenchcoat and magnifying glass, Houston, we’re ready to figure out whodunit with you at your next private event!

We are proud of the work we do bringing mystery, intrigue, and murder to your Houston events, and we have the GRIMprov Method of acting to thank for that. What is that, you may be wondering? It is our exclusive training method that every single one of our mystery experts goes through to guarantee you get nothing but the very best improv style mystery entertainment at your party - a truly unique event!

The Murder Mystery Company in Houston

Host a Murder Mystery Party!

Whether you have an intimate gathering of 8 people, or a good size crowd of 8,000, the Murder Mystery Company is the ultimate event solution. Contact us now so we can plan your murder today!

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